BESY Building block energy symbiosis

BESY is an intelligent, better than real-time simulation based energy management system designed to manage energy consumption for buildings and blocks of buildings.

It will optimise energy usage in a way that maintains comfort for the occupants, reduces overallĀ  energy consumption and supports the broader energy system via demand management that assists the system operator and at the same time brings reduced bills to the occupants.

Energy use in buildings is responsible for around 40% of all CO2 emissions from the European Union and the building sector is often identified as providing one of the biggest opportunities for improved energy efficiency and emissions reductions.

Demand response can reduce consumption at times of system stress and time shift it to times of otherwise excess production to help support management of the energy system with financial gain for those taking part such as the householders of a BESY enabled building block.

Such action can assist incorporation of variable renewable generation such as wind into the energy system so that energy efficient buildings with demand response capability can reduce their own energy use and emissions and facilitate further emission reductions at a network level.

Furthermore, the financial benefit accruing from the provision of this service can help mitigate the cost of any required new energy technology and may also contribute to alleviating fuel poverty.

D2S is a partner is this research consortium and is responsible for the dissemination work package. It is led by Leeds University and the other partners are Leeds City Council, University of Lulea, Narvik Science Park, Instituto Tecnico Superior in Lisbon and KYAB Sweden AB.