Design for energy and materials efficiency is essential for sustainability.

Our aim is a zero carbon performance.

Our perspective is human centred design originally promoted by Don Norman (

Many studies have maintaind that the reason for poor energy performance is ‘bad behaviour’ by people. We take the opposite view that buildings must be designed for people and behaviour is the starting point.

Whether the task is to retrofit an existing building, new build or provide community or local enhancements, it is vital to take into account all the relevant factors:
• fabric
• heating and cooling
• energy generation
• water use
• equipment and gadgets
• physical layout
• outdoor areas
• how people will use the building
• how the building may be reused over many years.

All these factors interact. They cannot be treated in isolation.

First we determine building purpose and then how people will actually use it. From this all other factors follow. We then iterate to produce an optimum solution.

This applies whether it is a new build, a retrofit of an existing building or provision of community enhancements.