We provide consultancy in four main areas

  • Building development  Please see our advice on all the factors of energy and materials efficiency energy efficiency section
  •  Energy use by enterprises and other bodies  As part of the GREAT project we and our partners have developed an energy assessment toolkit (http://greatproject.eu.com/calculator/#/pv2) to assist enterprises and community bodies to minimise their energy use and to determine what renewable energy provision may be best for them.
  • Innovation and creativity
    For 20 years Dr James has worked with enterprises and other organizations, assisting the improvement and development of products and services. He has worked with 200 enterprises in innovation management (https://www.improve-innovation.eu) and knowledge management as well as process improvement.
  • Economic development

    We can analyse local energy use, participation of enterprises in the energy supply chain and make recommendations for local authorities and other bodies to take most advantage of opportunities. This is covered in the economic benefits section.