Leeds City Region Distributed Generation Dissemination Centre

As part of the GREAT project, D2S is supporting the development of a Centre along with Leeds Community Energy (http://leedscommunityenergy.org.uk) to promote distributed generation, renewable energies and smart grids to the Leeds City Region.


Mission of Centre

The Centre aims to promote and support the adoption of distributed renewable energy generation and the involvement of users and producers in smart energy technologies for the benefit of the community.


Product and Services

The Centre will offer the following services:

Access to and accompaniment at renewable and distributed generation facilities throughout the region.

Training courses for community groups, households and small enterprises

Information and advice on funding sources for smart energy

Information on all aspects of smart energy – produced in house, throughout the network and elsewhere

Information on smart energy suppliers within the region.


Regional collaboration

The Centre aims to work with The Energy Accelerator (http://www.the-lep.com/what-we-do/energy-(1)/) of Leeds Economic Partnership to fulfil its role in the regional economy and Energy Leeds (http://www.energy.leeds.ac.uk) to promote innovation in the areas distributed generation and smart grids.

Role within the GREAT Dissemination Network

The Centre will form part of th GREAT disssemination Network.  It will provide the following facilities and undertake the following actions.

Delivery of webinar courses run from other centres

Enlargement of the dissemination network to incorporate other regional and local bodies including the Northern Powergrid (http://www.northernpowergrid.com) covering the North of England.

Taking the lead for the network on community energy with participation initiatives at an EU level and  in the UK.

Taking the lead on energy efficiency in buildings.  It has already developed a liaison with the Carbon Coop in Manchester (http://carbon.coop) an Latch in Leeds (http://latch.org.uk) as well as potential partners across the EU.

Through Bio Vale (http://www.biovale.org) linking the network with bioenergy developments at a European level.