Our People


Design2Sustain.eu is headed by Dr. Carl James  – working with partners who are members of the private and public sector –  building enterprises, local government, national governments, the EU.

Dr James launched the Company in 2012, building on his experience as a Director of TECC in Economic, social and environmental consultancy  working on projects around the world.

This involved a  career of 24 years working in over 18 countries throughout the world,  including Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Chile, Poland, Bosnia and Bangladesh; working in research and innovation to help with problem areas ranging from welfare and education, energy, technologies, innovation, trade and entrepreneurial initiatives.

He is a former Lecturer at Cranfield University and a former senior figure in research and information at Leeds City Council with the following academic achievements: M.Eng. Environment, MA Economics, Ph.D Social Administration, B Sc Psychology.

Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portugese