“Good design does not just look good, it must function well in environment”

“The principles of our design are Simplicity, Sustainability , Human centred, Inclusivity and Affordability.”

The Hexagon House


Why consider hexagonal building?

The hexagonal building has several advantages over traditional rectangular buildings.  The shape is more efficient in terms of

  • space to surface area ratio – There is more usable space inside the building envelope than in a rectangular building.
  • as a result, fewer materials are needed to construct the walls and floors.
  • energy efficiency – the external building envelope has a smaller surface area and so less heat is lost.
  • energy generation – a southern aspect is guaranteed regardless of orientation, with consequent thermal gain and the roof can be oriented optimally for solar panels.
  • flexible use – a large variety of internal divisions are possible and they can be change easily, thus proving adaptable for changing family sizes, or different office uses.

The buildings can be arranged in a variety of shapes, from terraces to blocks of three or four.

BESY Building block energy symbiosis

BESY is an intelligent, better than real-time simulation based energy management system designed to manage energy consumption for buildings and blocks of buildings.

It will optimise energy usage in a way that maintains comfort for the occupants, reduces overall  energy consumption and supports the broader energy system via demand management that assists the system operator and at the same time brings reduced bills to the occupants.

Energy use in buildings is responsible for around 40% of all CO2 emissions from the European Union and the building sector is often identified as providing one of the biggest opportunities for improved energy efficiency and emissions reductions.(more)